Industrial Robot

GP Series

GP stands for ‘General Purpose’ and thus for diverse applications. This compact and extremely fast GP series of handling robots was developed for high-speed joining, packaging and general handling applications. With payloads of 7, 8, 12 and 25 kg the new 6-axis robots are the fastest in their class and thus true productivity drivers.
Its slim and compact design enables the manipulators to delve deep into the workspace and the smooth surfaces facilitate the cleaning of the GP robot. Only one robot cable is needed to connect the manipulator to the controller. The advantages of this solution lie in less wear and a smaller footprint, as well as reduced costs for spare parts inventory and maintenance.

Jaco 3 / 2 Fingers

Info below apply for Jaco 3


  • 16 movements total
  • Carbon fiber structure
  • Lightweight
  • Weather resistant
  • Reach the floor with standard installation on wheelchair


  • Option of use 2 or 3 fingers
  • High friction rubber pads make grasping objects easy
  • Optimized for activities of daily living
  • Flexible fingers
  • Adapt to shape and size
  • Current sensors and limitation

Jaco2 7 DOF-S / Jaco2 6 DOF-S / Jaco2 6 DOF / Jaco2 4 DOF / Mico2 6 DOF /Mico2 4 DOF

Info below apply for Jaco 3


  • Plug and Play
  • Torque, position, current, temperature and accelaration sensors in each actuator
  • Embedded controller
  • Torque, position or velocity control
  • Intuitive Cartesian control solution provided
  • Unlimited joint rotations
  • Carbon fiber structure
  • Two expansion lines at the end-effector
  •  Windows/Linux Kinova SDK and ROS enabled

Motomini Series

Yaskawa new small robot MotoMINI is a small-size, light-weight, agile and portable robot that can work side-by-side with humans.

SDA / SIA Series

The new dual-arm robot is designed to resemble the human figure. The robot has slim arms that are similar to a human's arms in size and with seven joints in each arm. This human-size robot enables to replace the manual work to the automate operation without changing the existing layout and facility. The coordinates operation of seven axes for each arm and one at wrist has made it possible to move efficiently with great dexterity requiring no further exclusive equipment for robots.