Wonderware : InTouch HMI / Historian / System Platform

Mobeni, South Africa – The art of mixing paint is a very controlled and exacting science with the goal of achieving the proper color, consistency and finish. Any errors in ingredients and overall manufacturing can impact uniformity and the final color palette. One mistake can cause an entire batch to be discarded, requiring the entire process to be repeated.

For Plascon, manufacturing paint in a specific color palette, batch consistency and uniformity is the order of the day. Strict recipe control, traceable batch parameters and consistent product quality are the hallmarks of this successful paint and coatings company.

Plascon first implemented Wonderware InBatch software in 1995. As Plascon expanded its line of paint supplies to include premium decorative and road marking paint, plant managers quickly realized the need to invest in upgrading the Wonderware InBatch technology which served the company well since it was first installed.

Designed as a flexible manufacturing facility to address challenging production schedules, Plascon also chose to upgrade to the latest version of Wonderware InTouch HMI. Because all of these new Invensys software components were integrated with Wonderware System Platform, Plascon could establish a single scalable SCADA technology platform that would enable the company to perform system upgrades more quickly and easily throughout the entire manufacturing operation.

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