Hepco Launches DTS+ Track System

HepcoMotion is pleased to present the DTS+ track system, the latest addition to the successful Driven Track System range.

The DTS+ system incorporates key features of Hepco’s PRT track system and original DTS, combining them with a high load capacity connection from the carriages to the drive belt. The carriages will not disengage from the belt, allowing transmission of higher driving forces compared to the original DTS system.

Tecline: linear axes with rack and pinion transmission

Choosing a linear actuator driven by a rack and pinion system is important when you want to move multiple independent carriages or heavy loads over long distances. Tecline linear actuators have a self-supporting structure in extruded aluminum, a double rail system, and a rack and pinion drive.


Versatile and Modular Kinova Gen3 Robots

Adaptable for All Levels of Expertise So You Can Get Started Quickly

Easy to set up in under 30 minutes, you can start performing simple tasks with your Gen3 right away. Thanks to its modular hardware and robust Kinova® Kortex™ API software (which includes a new teaching mode), you can adapt and control your robot to perform complex applications.