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The Steinmeyer company was founded by Mr. August Steinmeyer in 1920. One year later, in 1921, he decided to specialize in micrometers, which was to become the product range for which the small company was soon to be recognized in the domestic market and abroad. When the founder suddenly passed away in 1940, Mr. Erwin Beck assumed leadership of the company, and subsequently acquired it in 1950. The house with its attached work shop, built by the founder in 1937, became the origin of a factory plant which occupies some 8 acres of land today. The original house still exists, but has since been converted into office and meeting space. Beginning in the late 1960's, ball screws have been manufactured at the Albstadt factory.

About 10 years later, this new product line outgrew the legacy micrometer manufacturing, and the organization and production facility had to be tailored towards the new product line. The traditional micrometer line, which still stands for precision and reliability of Steinmeyer's products, is now manufactured at the FMS Suhl plant in Thuringia, an affiliated enterprise in the Steinmeyer group.

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