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who we are
a leading automation and industrial solution providers

Servo Dynamics Group is one of the leading automation and industrial solution providers in the Asia-Pacific. Our group is dedicated to promoting and providing solutions for motion control technologies and developing business opportunities for mechanical and electronic (mechatronics) motion control companies... view more

we provide solutions to your needs
our focus on automation

Your industry has unique challenges. Our focus on automation means we are particularly qualified to provide products and solutions to address those challenges. When you work with us, you engage a team of dedicated engineers who have the experience of streamlining processes in a vast range of industries around the world...view more

what products do we have
6 different divisions & competent technical team to offer total solution under one entity

We are committed in determining customer's present and future needs, sourcing and recommending the best products around the world to meet these needs and therefore giving the best possible after sales support..We had 6 different divisions and competent technical team to offer total solution under one entity...view more

what training do we provide
we offer practical, manageable programs, to enhance our training efforts

Our Training Solutions are an integral part of our total implementation approach. Courses focus on improving implementation decisions and shortening your learning curve. As a Wonderware Certified Training Provider, training is an essential part of our approach to customer satisfaction. When you take a class at our training center, you'll receive the same level of hands-on instruction, training material and professional attention as at any Wonderware's Training Centers worldwide...view more

Universal Robots
JVL-Servo motor
JVL-Servo motor
mulco new timing belt
hepcomotion alr aluminium ring
maxon motor robotic exoskeleton